Tiffany and MyChelle’s graduating! Stockton senior portrait photography

My two younger sisters are graduating this year! Tiffany, from SJSU and MyChelle from Independence High School. I can not believe who fast the time flies! So proud of both of you! Best wishes and Good luck on your bright futures!

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Hair and makeup was done by my super talented sister Hanh Le from the Dolce Vita Beauty Team. Yes, I have a lot of sisters, there are 5 of us! 🙂


My daughter’s 2nd birthday party – butterfly theme

I just can not believe how fast time is flying. In a blink of an eye, she’s two! Her 2nd birthday party is butterfly theme with mostly DIY decors – from her birthday headpiece, to the dollies letter banner and flower basket! Don’t let her innocent face fool you, she started her terrible twos early! She’s such a big ball of energy and does not even want to nap or go to bed anymore. All she wants to do is play, play, play! But she’s such a funny character. She cracks us up with her silliness. So much personality from our care-free butterfly. There’s nothing we would not do for her….and she knows it. We love you with all of our hearts baby! <3 208A8941 208A9932 208A9951 208A9952 208A9972 2013-05-13_004 2013-05-13_007 2013-05-13_008 2013-05-13_009 2013-05-13_010 2013-05-13_011 2013-05-13_012


A+P {Family Portraits}, San Jose Family Photography


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