About Sandy


I’m a mother of a beautiful baby girl, a photographer and a shopaholic! I am addicted to coffee, love to eat and wish I can travel to more exotic destinations. I can’t live without my camera, phone, laptop or TV! But who isn’t these days, right? πŸ˜‰

I have not studied photography in NYC, LA or Paris. Actually, I have not “studied” photography anywhere. Truth is, I have only been doing photography professionally for a very short time. However, it has become my passion and it has become a part of me now, it’s who I am. I aspire to to learn and get better after every shoot, so I can capture the essence of every moment.

With a fashion-inspired and more modern approach to photography, I aspire to capture your love and beauty. Photography is the best way to document all the occasions in your life, that are important to you. I would love to be there to help create and capture your special moments, so you can have those memories forever!Β  It’s my hope that your photos will be fun, creative and romantic.